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Our Services

Shorthand Writing

We can provide shorthand writer attendance in Sheriff Courts, Justice of the Peace Courts, High Courts and Administration Courts throughout the whole of Scotland. We also cover commissions, interviews, disciplinaries and dawn raids for a plethora of clients.

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Transcription: Police/ABE Interviews, Hearings

Larking Hodge Pollock have a wealth of experience in the legal transcription sector. We prioritise accuracy and speed of completion above all else. Our seasoned transcribers are some of the best in the business and can be replied upon to produce transcripts of the highest quality.

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As well as transcription, at Larking Hodge Pollock we can offer high definition videography services for your deposition, commission or hearing. We can also organise, if required, a shorthand writer/stenographer to attend also.

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Daily Transcription

We can attend in any part of Scotland and produce a very accurate, high quality transcription, which can be emailed to you/your legal team 2-3 hours after the conclusion of the hearing. We have an experienced team who cover a variety of specialist subjects and jurisdictions. As only one of our staff have to be at court, we offer a cost effective and efficient solution to providing a verbatim record of your case.

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