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Same Day / Daily Transcription Service

If you would like a quote for our same day / daily transcription service, please fill out the information below. We will send you a reply as soon as possible.

For detailed breakdown of our daily transcription service, please see below the form.

Same Day / Daily Transcription Service
What you Receive

You will be provided a verbatim transcript of your hearing 2-3 hours after the end of your case.

You, your team (and the Sheriff) will receive an email containing:

Why Choose LHP?

At LHP we have considerable experience, some of the best transcribers in the business and offer this specialist service at a competitive rate.   

  • LHP (through our Sister Company John Larking Verbatim Reporters) has been providing daily transcripts to the UK legal community for 30 years, JLVR having been established in 1988. We take this experience and provide this specialist service in Scotland.

  • Our accuracy and speed of delivery is excellent, having some of the best transcribers in the business.

  • We can offer competitive rates, requiring only one team member to be in Court.


We can attend in any location in Scotland, the UK or internationally. In the past we have provided daily transcript services in London, Belfast, Aberdeen, to locations such as Gibraltar, Switzerland, Italy and even the Caribbean. Our map below shows how flexible we are with providing our services to our clients.

Thank you! Message sent.

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